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Past events 2018


Kongur Air Fest

For the fourth consecutive year mountain bike club VIVO Petrich organise an Extreme Sports Festival - Kongur Air Fest. The event attracts the best downhill riders from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. We gather the elite paragliding pilots in Bulgaria and aslo the craziest and bravest bike riders to try their jump skills in the Airbag.


Serres rally

International Enduro Motors Competition, held for the 8th consecutive year. Over 100 competitors from all over the world. 7 Days, 1400km off- road. A lot of dust, sweat and big smiles from all participants.


World Pull-up day

For a 3rd consecutive year Petrich will take part in World Pull-UP Day. This year Belasitsa Hut will host the event.

WORLD PULL-UP DAY is held in more than 43 countries at the same time.

In a world full on negative energy the purpose of this event is to unite many people from all over the world without discrimination of age, sex, nationality, race or religion to replace the negative energy with positive through exercise - pull Ups.


Moto Gathering

Moto Club "The Prophets" will host its 6th nationwide moto gathering during the three days between 18-20th May, gathering together guests from all around Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Germany, Slovenia & etc.

More than 1000 guests are expected to arrive, which will be entertained with many games and rock music.



For the 28th time we will host the national spring holiday Tsvetnitsa.

The holiday of thenflowers is a tradition for the city of Petrich and its surrounings. In this day, Mountain Lodge Belasitsa hosts more than hundreds of guests from Southwest Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia.

A traditional aspect of the show programme features a diverse musical and artistic programme, the beauty competition Miss Bozhura as well as a competition in various strength related activities.

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