Mountain Belasitsa

Unknown and intact. One of the most beautiful and wildlife mountains in the south of Bulgaria.

Belasitsa Park

Ever since December 2007, Belasitsa holds the title of the newest nature park in Bulgaria, before that it was serving as a borderline with a special regime of admission.

Off-the beaten track, and a hidden gem as a place for tourism, its nature was preserved untouched and hides special pleasant surprises for tourists.

The steepest mountain located in Bulgaria

Belasitsa is a mountain with steep slopes and summits unravelling breathtaking views.In its west part, the mountain reaches the greatest southwest point of Bulgaria - Tumba Peak, a crossing point for three countries - Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. The highest peak point of Belasitsa is locates in Bulgaria - Radomir Summit, while its crest serves as a borderline with Greece. Each part of the crest unravels amazing panoramic views. Located not only in the borderline between various cultures, but also in terms of its geographical location,Belasitsa is placed under the line of different climate zones.

Pleased climate

In one hand, the warm and moist medirerranean air is mixed with the fresh, yet sometimes dry and cold continental climate, which results in its rich nature diversity - 1400 various kinds of plants, which represent 1/3 of the country`s flora.

The mountain's fauna offers a huge bio diversity ranging from the smalles to the biggest animal kinds and is an actual paradise place for more than 150 varieties of butterflies.

Bonus: Huge variety of herbs and mountain fruits.

The unique displacement of the mountain is combined with unforgettable experiences.

Organized tandem and solo paragliding experiences

Different level of tracks for mountain biking

Organized excursions with an option for spending the night near the crest area

Оff-road jeep drives

Ski touring

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