Belasitsa Hut

The hut is mysteriously hidden among century-old chestnut forests at 720m altitude on the northern slope of Belasitsa mountain. It consists of a three-floor building with bedrooms, a restaurant, parking lot and a spacious meadow.

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine

served in a sun-lit restaurant with a breathtaking outside view facing the beauty of nature.


Business hours: 08:00 - 22:00

Accommodates up to 100 people

Outdoor terrace

free wi-fi

Parking lot


For reservations please call: +359 (0)896 688 378

A pleasant morning wake-up

experience by soft sun rays and singing birds.


Business hours: 00:00 - 24:00

20lv per night per person

18 rooms and 4 apartments

2, 4 or 6 beds in room

Free wi-fi

Bathrooms in each room

Hot water


For reservations please call: +359 (0)896 688 378

It is never boring here

where fun activities are a necessary part of our daily life.


Upcoming events 2018

Big meados space perfect for outdoor activities.
• Kids area
• Sports playground
• Workout spot
• Suitable place for camping
• Adapted for pets
• Perfect place for relaxing and leisure time

Downhill, Enduro and cross country mountain bike tracks.

Spot for yoga and zen activities

Suitable area for hiking:
• Ravna Skala Area - 30 minute walk
• Rozova Polyana - 40 minute walk
• Leshnishki waterfall- 40 minutes
• Kongur Mountain Hut - 1h 30 minutes
• Kongur Peak 1990m. - 3 hours 30 minutes
• Radomir Peak - 2029m. - 4hours and 30 minutes
• Tumba Peak - 12 hours

Memorable sighsteeing places
• Samuil's Fortress - 23km
• Rupite Area - The Shrine of Vanga - 20km
• Heraclea Sintica - 21km

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